Is Eating Like A Caveman Healthy?

If our cavemen ancestors didn’t eat it, neither should we. This is basically how the Paleolithic diet works. So anything that can’t be hunted, found hanging off a tree or lying around somewhere is a big fat no-no.

This all sounds a bit boring, awkward and hard work. Why should I bother?

The typical hunter gatherer:

  • Slim
  • Athletic
  • Muscular
  • Agile
  • Adaptable
  • Very healthy.

The typical person now:

  • Overweight
  • Unhappy
  • Stressed out
  • Fatigued
  • Prone to so many preventable diseases.

You know it’s the sad truth.

So what happened?     –  Farming happened.

Mankind discovered farming and thought it was bloody brilliant. And fair enough, it was. But the problem is that even today, thousands of years later, our bodies still haven’t adjusted properly to all these newfangled grains we now eat on a daily basis. We were seriously awesome at the whole hunter-gatherer thing we had going on, and our bodies liked it that way. Our genetics simply just haven’t gotten used to it yet because we were hunting for so damn long.

Our bodies are unable to convert what we eat into energy – so we store it into extra chub. We have become a species completely dependent on grains (bread, pasta, rice, etc.) and processed foods. Thinking back to how I described the typical person now, does this sound like a good thing? No. No, it doesn’t.

What can I eat then?


But let me just say that these animals should have been grass-fed, not grain-fed. Grains suck for animals just as much as they do for humans.

Oh, and don’t eat processed rubbish like spam or hot dogs.

You can have chicken, turkey, steak, pork, veal, beef, lamb, venison, pheasant and quail.


All species are good to go. Just make sure you’re aware of mercury levels. The smaller the fish, the lower the levels of toxins and heavy metals and higher the levels of Omega 3 fatty acids.


Knock yourself out. Obviously local and organic are better though.

Fruit and Vegetables

All fruit is good. All veg is good. Organic fruit and veg is especially good. The reason local is better is because the less time they spend in a van on their way to you, the more nutrients they keep. If you’re trying to lose weight though, limit your fruit intake because all of the sugar and carbs, y’know?

Nuts and Seeds

All nuts and seeds are allowed here. And just for the record, peanuts are not nuts. They are legumes, which are not on this list. Sorry about that. No more peanut butter and jelly for you.