Diets that Work: The Raw Food Diets Exposed

There are many types of diets that work out there and the Raw Food Diet is just one of the successful diets around that can help you lose weight. The allure in raw food lies in its natural and organic diet that can provide a fresh supply of nutrition and minerals to the body. There is no doubt that the Raw Diet has much fewer trans fat and unhealthy cholesterol than processed or cooked food commonly found in the western diet.

Raw diets may hold the key to longevity and good health enjoyed by our predecessors in the ancient times. Raw foods are very high in potassium and have lesser amounts of sodium. It is also rich in fiber and health promoting plant chemical known as the phytochemicals. Research reveals that consuming raw food helps lower blood cholesterol and lower the risk of developing heart disease.

It’s well-established the green vegetables are highly energizing and alkalizing. Fruits however are slightly acidic. Nuts and seeds can be acidic as well. However different types of foods have different degrees of acidity and the best way to find out is to purchase a test strip and perform the test yourself. Raw foods contain more alkalizing minerals than other types of food. Therefore it is normal to lose weight when you’re on raw diet.

However, eating only raw food can be rather challenging for some people. You need to learn new and interesting ways to serve raw food that won’t challenge your palate or cause you to get bored after a couple of days. This is a wholesome and very nutritious meal and has been enjoyed by people from the Asian countries, especially in Japan with very encouraging results which includes weight loss and longevity.

The key to successful weight loss is to eat the foods you love and make it delicious. This is the only way you would stay on the diet long enough to see results. Get it from the organic sources rather than being satisfied with the ones tainted with pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Starting the Raw Food diet is one of the better diets that work to achieve long term weight loss. Aside form enjoying a trimmer figure, raw food can help improve the complexion, increase the energy and improve the digestive system. Raw vegetables are much easier to swallow than raw meat, if you find it difficult to adapt to this new style of diet.
Proponents of the Raw Diet claims that you can actually eat as much as you want and still lose weight simply because you are neutralizing the high acidity in the body which causes the state of being overweight to happen in the first place.